About Us

We are a passionate and dedicated team of experts who collaborate to turn expert knowledge into value for our clients.

We’re your Business Advisors. We’re Stanley James.
We are professional business and financial advisors, as well as, tax consultants who have, over the years, worked with industry leaders and pioneers to ensure their stability and success in the ever-changing world of commerce.
Our skilled professionals are a passionate and dedicated team excelling in different fields and collaborating to turn expertise into value for our clients.
We’ve operated through numerous economic fluctuations and we’re ready to take on more as we gear up for what the future holds. Come join us.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Our Mission and Vision are always focused on providing our clients with the highest quality services.



To be the most valued & personalized service provider in Sri Lanka’s business advisory industry, across different functions such as risk and assurance, taxation, business management & accounting service while being the ideal corporate environment for rising finance professionals to reach excellence.

Our mission is to provide a highly tailored service to each client through intricate case analysis and case-specific solutions, by incorporating the unique contributions of each team member. We value the expertise and experience of our seasoned team members, as well, as the ideas and skills of our new team members to assist our clients in their journeys while also ensuring endless opportunities for young financial professionals to advance in their careers. 

Personalized service –

We believe that each client is unique and so should be the time and effort that we commit to them. Our aim is to tailor very personalized experiences for each client so that their specific and complex needs are met and properly followed up. 

Transparency –  

It matters to us that our clients are completely aware of how we conduct our business. We strive to maintain consistent and clear communication with our clients, constantly updating them on how their case is being handled. 

Equality –  

Each and every one of our clients matters to us and we focus on providing everyone a service of equal value and quality. Similarly, all our employees matter to us equally and we strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Rajitha Rodrigo

Managing Partner

Azmar Huzair

Manager - Assurance

Chanie Rodrigo

Manager - Tax

Stanley James & Associates

We are a passionate and dedicated team of experts who collaborate to turn expert knowledge into value for our clients.


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