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Handling multiple aspects of your business can be tough. That’s why we’re here to offer a helping hand. We will be your financial advisors, accountants, auditors, and tax consultants, taking away your complicated financial workloads, so you can focus on making sales and growing your business. Let us help you out.
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We’re auditors, tax experts, advisors, and industry experts who treat our clients and our partners with the utmost care and respect. Our formula for success is primarily based on a revolutionary subculture that attracts, develops, values, and provides first-rate possibilities to our fantastic stakeholders. 



Our clientele is keep growing. We continue to cater to their needs on varous financial and legal apects.



Our primary services include auditing, financial advising, tax consulting, business valuation and liquidation.



Our team of experienced advisors are always alert on new policy changes and amendments in the respective areas.


Satisfied clients

As a company, we have served our clients for more than 100 of services. 

What we believe in...

The goal is to combine our unique experience and expertise gained over time with our own insights. As a result of these invaluable insights, we are able to provide our clients with quality solutions that will boost their productivity. Getting our clients’ business goals and targets achieved is what we are passionate about. 

What we bring to you

Below are the six specialized services we provide our clients, including internal and external audits and assurance; financial advice, taxation; and business valuation and liquidation.

Internal Audit & Assurance Services

We collaborate with you and your in-house teams to expedite the efficient functioning of all company operations with more hands on deck. We conduct regular audits of accounting processes, operations, compliance, IT, environmental commitment, etc.

External Audit & Assurance Services

A well-conducted annual auditing process can introduce a more efficient re-organization of company resources to your business which will result in improved operations, reduced costs, and increased profits. We offer financial audits done according to statutory requirements, forensic audits, and other audit-related services.

Financial Advisory

The world of business is complicated and at times a bit harsh even for the best of us. Our work in financial advisory is tailored to assist clients in their business management, enabling them to achieve their company visions and objectives faster. Our services include cost optimization, valuation, corporate finance, regulatory assistance, and much more.

Tax Services

When operating as a Sri Lankan business, compliance with the country’s tax laws is crucial. Enter Stanley James. Our role here is to make taxes easier for your business by developing simple and effective solutions that work just for you. We offer a range of services including tax compliance, dispute management, tax advisory, and transfer pricing.

Business Valuation

Business valuations are complicated and consist of several jurisdictional and other procedures that need to be handled with specific experience and expertise. Our teams are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to carry out such extensive valuations on behalf of your business with the aim of simplifying your decision-making process.


Liquidating your business assets is a difficult task, but Stanley James is here to make things easier. As you go through this transitory process, we will be there to handle the extensive analysis of your company’s activities, while also assisting you with complex financial and legal procedures that usually accompany liquidation.

Implement strategies that work for you

Your business is unique. So our approach is to provide the most personalized service to our clients with rigorous attention to detail and consistent follow-ups. Our experts are constantly available to heed your requests and assist you with your case as and when you need it. We boast a level of commitment to our clients that is unrivaled in the industry.


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We have the most professional tax consultants and chartered accountants to help you.

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